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Horikoshi High School ♔
you wish you were there too★
June 25th, 2011 
Hi guys! As previously announced, LEADER-CHAN is retiring and is on her way to Leader Heaven so I'll be taking over as your new mod from here on. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it since it was apparently decided through nepotism or something, I don't really understand them sometimes. Sooo let's all get along :)

A few reminders:

♔ We're staying loyal to the old rules because they're cool rules, and I don't really see the need to change anything from it. EXCEPT members need be especially reminded of rules that often get neglected aka the following:

★ Do not change your font color/sizes because it is obnoxious to.
★ NO ADVERTISEMENT TO OUTSIDE COMS/FORUMS/ETC. This also means no fanfic banners.
★ Use the tags! If you're not sure which tag your posts belong under, then use the "!tag me" tag.
★ lj cuts are nice! The rule of thumb is, if it's big enough to stretch out the com layout, lj cut it! Additionally, please limit your pictures under 500x500px; one outside the cut, and the rest under a cut.

♔ Your new mod is a little bit too nit-picky especially with TAGS, therefore she has decided to renew them. You will see a few of the old tags with an "x" on them. It means that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH THOSE TAGS ANYMORE. Some of them have been used wrongly and you can't expect me to go over 400+ entries to actually fix them. I've added new ones for a ~fresh start and those are:

tags listCollapse )

♔ That is all! But I've been wondering, I need your opinions on this. CLICKY BUTTON TIMES!

Does the comm need individual tags for students?


♔ This community has 600+ members and 500+ watchers, so I expect at least a decent amount of feedback. ಠ_ಠ

♔ Oh and the rule-breaking entries, Chinen and I have dealt with. If there will be any more after this entry, as usual, they will be immediately deleted without prior warning.

♔ Affiliates will only be accepted if they are relevant to HORIKOSHI. Again, this is not a Hey! Say! JUMP community or whatever else that you can use as a substitute.
The same goes for fanfictions. Let's try to avoid the strikethrough posts. If you're posting multiple fics in one entry and think that a Chinen/Kanon fic isn't exactly horikoshi!verse or horikoshi-related in the least or whatever, then just delete it from the entry.

♔ I've taken the liberty of changing the community layout and profile. The list of 2012 graduates is there for obvious reasons: they are the Special Snowflake Batch.

♔ If there are any other concerns/suggestions/violent reactions, please leave them all on this entry so I can plot on your demise! ^_^ ... ...nah I'm j/k. That was a bad joke orz B| But seriously, I'm all ears.

Oh god I hope you guys read through all of that. I also hope that the activity in this comm will develop over fics & random posts! THAT IS ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY EVERYONE!

♥ Hisachi.
JUMP ・ing to my ♡
Title: Say I Love You
Author: jlrui
Beta-ed by: ranguren_chan
Pairing: UmiChii
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Umika decided to confess to Chinen but end up being rejected. She tried to move on but he didn't let her, and made her his girlfriend. Will Chinen manage to really love Umika and say "I love you" to her?

| Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8.1 | Chapter 8.2 part 1 *new* | Chapter 8.2 part 2 *new* |
Chii 2
2011.06.19 Do Your Best White Rabbit

It’s only one more month until summer break.
Half a year already passed (^O^)/
Even though there’s a lot of dreadful things going on this half year, I’m looking forward to the brilliant sun of the season!

The other day, when I was in the classroom eating lunch…
Huh? There’s some writing on the desk!
When I look closer…

There’s a drawing of a cute bunny ☆
And there’s also a phrase…
“Do your best~”
was written o(^-^)o

A drawing that someone I don’t know drew nonchalantly somehow make my heart relax ♪
Was it a cheer for me?
Or perhaps it’s a cheer for everyone!?

Let’s do our best ☆


Source: aimuse.blogspot.com
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