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Horikoshi High School ♔
you wish you were there too★
July 29th, 2009 
Title: Tales of Horikoshi Gakuen [1] Homoflexible
Author: kono_sora_ni
Pairing: Nakajima Yuuto/Yamada Ryosuke or is it?
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crack/Humor
Word Count: ~1000
Warnings: Best not to let your imagination get the better of you, my dears. Un-beta'd.
Summary: Horikoshi Gakuen, a school for the elite, for the up-and-coming stars of the entertainment industry, exotic, new. But high school, in the end, is still high school. Sparks fly (or not), sexualities are questioned, and hormones go on overdrive.

Future stars or not, teenagers are teenagers.
Chapter Summary: Are the Jyanizu idols in Class 1-D gay for each other, or just plain gay? That, my friends, is up for you to decide on your own. Though…the ladies of 1-D have found some very interesting evidence.

A/N: First post here. I hope I'm doing it right?
you are the air in my atmosphere.
Title: Smells like Team Spirit
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP, Shida Mirai, Kamiki Ryunosuke
Author: chiharu
pairing: Yamajima
Rating: G
wordcount: ~2000
Summary: Horikoshi 1-D fic. Shida and Kamiki are on a mission. Yamada just wants to fix his hair.

(“They’ve been watching it for days now,” Yamada replies absently, shooing Kamiki away while flipping another page in his idol magazine. Upon closer examination, Kamiki is pretty sure that Yamada himself is on the cover)
yabuyamada; fresh boys
Title: Of Duty
Fandom: Shida Mirai, Miura Haruma, Hongo Kanata, HSJ
Author: chiharu
Characters/pairing: Shida Mirai/Miura Haruma
Rating: G
wordcount: ~3500
Summary: Palace!AU. Princess Shida doesn't believe in happily ever afters.

(Shida begins seeing Miura Haruma, son of the palace security chief, more and more that year)
Miura; lol stalker
Because lyto complained that there are only fic posts atm.

Okay sooo, Mariya made this post on her blog a few days ago. I can't read Japanese, but at first I spazzed because omg!classroom shot! Alas, I can't recongize anyone in this photo. BUT LET'S PLAY "GUESS THAT IDOL'S BACK!" game.

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Yamada; rejection
Title: Not as Glamorous as the Dramas
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto x Ohgo Suzuka
Rating: PG
Warnings: Humor
Notes: For boycottbananas. I’m pretty sure this had nothing to do with your prompt so I might have to write you another one. Plus it was fun.
Disclaimer: Not mine
Written: July 21-July 28

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{misc} where the wind takes me
02:42 pm - Pictures!
Hi, sorry if this is not following the rules. But does anyone have pictures of students past and present in uniform? Please and thank you!
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