Zara (yoyocchi) wrote in horikoshi,

[oneshot] A False Comprehension

Title: A False Comprehension
Author: yoyocchi
Pairing/Character: Yamada Ryosuke/Kawashima Umika/Okamoto Keito
Rating: PG-13
Genre: comedy, stupidity, and, fluff
Warning: incest
Summary: From what other people saw, Ryosuke’s affection and over-protectiveness toward his little sister seemed like a common “sister complex”. From what Ryosuke thought, the way he treated her was as normal as consuming two boxes of strawberry in a day. Yes, that was still in the range of his definition of “normal”. But more important than that, no one suspected that it would be something more than what they saw on the surface. Meanwhile, Ryosuke didn’t realize that he was almost crossing the borderline.

( Umika this, Umika that. Umika. Umika. Umika. )
Tags: fanfic
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