punyukichi24 (punyukichi24) wrote in horikoshi,

Fic: Horikoshi no Dame Kyoshi (Chapter 2 Part 6)

Chapter Two: National Examination (Part 6)
Title: Drop Out!
Author: Punyukichi24
Pairing: YamaShi, UmiChii, OhgoJima, IrieSaayaJingi
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, romance, mystery
Summary: Yuto faced a dilemma on how he would respond to his current situation, whether he should confess the truth or protect his beloved sensei. Meanwhile, Takasugi finally agreed to Umika’s offer to be her singing lead, but under one condition.

(“Too many scrap teachers in one case, which one will you punish first?” Yoshida gave a meaningful look at Takasugi. “I’ll punish them all,” Takasugi answered boldly. “Every single one of them. Without pity.”)
Tags: fanfic, s: arioka daiki, s: chinen yuuri, s: irie jingi, s: irie saaya, s: kamiki ryunosuke, s: kawashima umika, s: nakajima yuuto, s: ohgo suzuka, s: sakamoto shougo, s: shida mirai, s: yamada ryosuke
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