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Horikoshi High School ♔
you wish you were there too★
10th-Feb-2016 07:24 pm - New Member
Has anyone here ever went to Horikoshi ? I did on 26 jan but I don't get it 😭 I don't think the school is still on business 😭😭
16th-Oct-2013 01:41 pm - SPEC Zero CM!!

Already shipping Juichi x Maho!! xDDD

gif by kat_desu x3
12th-Sep-2013 01:12 am - Change Chaptered
Title: Change
Author: jlrui
Pairing: YamadaxShida
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Unbeta-ed, rushed
Summary:Ryosuke was the most unpopular kid when they were in middle school and Mirai was the most popular girl but that was four years ago. Today Mirai is the new comer on her new school, the unpopular girl while Ryosuke is the most popular person in the music and entertainment industry in Japan.

Chapter 7: Partnership and Bullied
Chapter 8: The Night Before
Chii 2
4th-Aug-2013 09:50 pm - [oneshot] A False Comprehension
Title: A False Comprehension
Author: yoyocchi
Pairing/Character: Yamada Ryosuke/Kawashima Umika/Okamoto Keito
Rating: PG-13
Genre: comedy, stupidity, and, fluff
Warning: incest
Summary: From what other people saw, Ryosuke’s affection and over-protectiveness toward his little sister seemed like a common “sister complex”. From what Ryosuke thought, the way he treated her was as normal as consuming two boxes of strawberry in a day. Yes, that was still in the range of his definition of “normal”. But more important than that, no one suspected that it would be something more than what they saw on the surface. Meanwhile, Ryosuke didn’t realize that he was almost crossing the borderline.

( Umika this, Umika that. Umika. Umika. Umika. )
guitar session
Chapter Two: National Examination (Part 7)
Title: Execution
Author: Punyukichi24
Pairing: YamaShi, UmiChii, OhgoJima, IrieSaayaJingi
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, romance, mystery
Summary: Takasugi, Yoshida, and Irie finally decided on their next scrap teacher target and punished them. The vice principal had demanded for Yuto’s suspension. How will the three super junior students save the student victim this time?

(“No, you did worst,” Takasugi remarked. “You were exposed of bringing a cheat paper and blackmailed Yuto for it, so that you can get away with your sin without a punishment.”)
Chapter Two: National Examination (Part 6)
Title: Drop Out!
Author: Punyukichi24
Pairing: YamaShi, UmiChii, OhgoJima, IrieSaayaJingi
Rating: G
Genre: Drama, romance, mystery
Summary: Yuto faced a dilemma on how he would respond to his current situation, whether he should confess the truth or protect his beloved sensei. Meanwhile, Takasugi finally agreed to Umika’s offer to be her singing lead, but under one condition.

(“Too many scrap teachers in one case, which one will you punish first?” Yoshida gave a meaningful look at Takasugi. “I’ll punish them all,” Takasugi answered boldly. “Every single one of them. Without pity.”)
22nd-Mar-2013 02:58 pm - Umika to join Kamiki in SPEC
Their first work was 2010's winter drama Bloody Monday 2, then they co-starred in the spring 2011 drama Koukousei Restaurant..


..and now it has been announced that Kawashima Umika will have an appearance in this upcoming fall SP, SPEC ~Rei~ with ex-classmate Kamiki Ryunosuke. It is based on the manga and is set as a prequel to the Keizoku 2: SPEC drama series which aired on 2010. No other info about Umika's character have been released as of yet. So no one knows if she's going to be a hero or a villain o(>.<)o

Other than this SP, Umika will also be starring in next month's drama, Tank Top Fighter where she plays Ono Erena's older sister, Riku.


Are you guys excited for the UmiKami reunion?!
28th-Feb-2013 02:07 am - bbys in upcoming spring dramas~
photo_01 (1)
Kamiki Ryunosuke

[Kogure Shashinkan]Kogure Shashinkan

Date: From 9.00 p.m., Sundays, 31 March 2013
Station: NHK BS Premium
Cast: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Narumi Riko, Matsushita Yuki, Ishiguro Ken, Sasano Takashi, Horii Arata

Synopsis: Hanabishi Eiichi (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is a second-year high school student who moves to a house that was a former photo studio without refurbishing the building on a whim of his father (Ishiguro Ken). One day, Eiichi passes by what appears to be a ghost in front of the house and an uproar ensues, but he later learns that “it” is a female high school student from the neighbourhood. The girl hands over something as she complains about Eiichi. It is a photograph developed at Kogure Photo Studio which she had obtained through unexpected circumstances. In fact, this photograph of a female’s crying face can only be described as ghost photography. More and more of such photographs are brought in. The Hanabishi family, friends and the real estate agent (Narumi Riko) who brokered the sale and purchase of the photo studio all get involved, and Eiichi sets out to solve this mystery. The hidden pasts each of these people are connected to the present.

Ohgo Suzuka
*Hime recently moved from Catamaran Agency to Alpha Agency & has yet to have an official agency pic ^^*

[Daini Gakushou]Daini Gakushou

Date: From 10.00 p.m., Tuesdays, 16 April 2013
Station: NHK
Cast: Hada Michiko, Itaya Yuka, Tanihara Shosuke, Tanaka Kei, Kadowaki Mugi, Kuze Seika, Kubota Maki, Ohgo Suzuka, Arai Moe, Shirakawa Yumi, Kushida Kazuyoshi

Synopsis: Shirase Mari (Hada Michiko) and Endo Natsumi (Itaya Yuka) were violinists in an orchestra. They pursued their dreams together and had a friendly rivalry. Then Natsumi’s pregnancy put her out of action. She married Endo Kazuto (Tanihara Shosuke) and built a happy family. Kazuto was a cellist in the same orchestra but retired from the orchestra with Natsumi and has been working at a travel company. On the other hand, Mari won the position of soloist and is now shining on stage as the orchestra’s concert master. The two of them were out of contact for 17 years but meet again by coincidence. They are each envious of the other’s circumstances. Mari’s feelings for Natsumi’s husband are rekindled while Natsumi is envious of Mari’s success and glory. Kazuto’s feelings for the orchestra and Mari are reawakened because of the reunion between the two women.

Irie Jingi

[Take Five]Take Five

Date: From 10.00 p.m., Fridays, April 2013
Station: TBS
Cast: Karasawa Toshiaki, Matsuyuki Yasuko, Matsuzaka Tori, Rokkaku Seiji, Irie Jingi, Chiba Yudai, Eda Yuka, Fukuda Ayano, Suruga Taro, Denden, Baisho Mitsuko, Inagaki Goro

Synopsis: Homura Masayoshi (Karasawa Toshiaki) is a psychology professor at one of the universities in Tokyo. He is extremely popular among students for his witty speeches at his lectures on love psychology. However, there is another side of Homura which no one knows. He and his father were actually members of Take Five, once called the greatest gang of theives in history, which hit on bad fellows for large sums of money. But 20 years ago, an incident led the members to wind up Take Five and retire. Then one day, Homura finds a suspicious-looking brown envelope on his desk after a lecture. It contains a photograph of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lucrezia Borgia. A homeless lady (Baisho Mitsuko) is staring at him when he glances out of the window. Sensing that she is the owner of the envelope, Homura calls out to her. She says the painting in the photograph is in a secure facility of Tohto Bank. Moreover, she behaves as if she knows that he is a robber. This incident leads to the regrouping of Take Five (Karasawa Toshiaki, Inagaki Goro, Matsuzaka Tori, Rokkaku Seiji) and the addition of a new member, Hioka Tamotsu (Irie Jingi).

Nomura Shohei

[Sodom no Ringo]Sodom no Ringo ~ Lot o Koroshita Onnatachi

Date: From 10.00 p.m., Sundays, 23 March 2013
Station: WOWOW
Cast: Terajima Shinobu, Kimura Fumino, Mizobata Junpei, Nukumizu Yoichi, Tayama Ryosei, Oshinari Shugo, Tokui Yu, Uchida Shungiku, Ishibashi Anna, Nomura Shuhei, Hamada Mari, Doguchi Yoriko, Murakami Jun, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Maya Kyoko, Okuda Eiji

Synopsis: The editor Mari (Kimura Fumino) is shocked to hear that Yoshio, the boyfriend she split up with over a quarrel, has committed suicide. She also learns that there was another woman at his funeral. That woman’s name is Miyajima Megumi (Terajima Shinobu). Bothered about Megumi who had promised marriage after meeting Yoshio through an online dating site, Mari poses as a male (Okuda Eiji) and registers with the website. She successfully makes contact and when she goes to Yoshio’s apartment, she sees Megumi being taken away by the police. Megumi exudes a distinct air. As Mari attends Megumi’s trial, she gets completely absorbed in her. In order to find out her motive, Mari travels to the island where Megumi was born with the investigative reporter Kengo (Mizobata Junpei). Megumi’s home was a community where the descendants of clandestine Christians lived during the Tokugawa period. According to Megumi’s classmate, she had been the “island’s prettiest girl” while in her teens (Ishibashi Anna). Mari and Kengo are surprised by the information. It is hard to imagine from Megumi’s present looks. And so, they search for the reason for the twist in her fate. Then, Mari finds a painting in a church on the island. It is of two nude women waiting on an old man. Dreadful misgivings surface from that.

25th-Nov-2012 02:10 am - Could This Be Love?
Title: Could This Be Love?
Author: aiwinnie
Pairing: Yaotome Hikaru x Shida Mirai, Nakajima Yuto x Ohgo Suzuka/Kawashima Umika, Kamiki Ryuunosuke x Kawashima Umika/Shida Mirai
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst
Summary: Could this be love that I feel? So strong, so deep and so real.. If I lost you would I ever heal... - Victoria Acosta
Author's note: This is my first fanfic and English is not my native language. So, I apologized for any mistakes here and there. I posted this fanfic in my LJ quite some time ago, then recently my sister asked me to post it here. So I hope you will like it. It's chapter-ed and still on-going. :)

Characters intro & summary
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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